Illustration of the week 7/14/16

This weeks ipad Procreate drawing takes place in the Strip Distict of Pittsburgh.  

I need to make a conscious effort to stay away from the churches in Pittsburgh, this is two weeks in a row, but the problem exists that there are so many architecturally fantastic churches in the city.  Who am I kidding, there are a ton of great examples of parks, urbanism, architecture, culture, blah blah blah to go on about.  

The church terminates a view down Smallman street and is flanked by a long old terminal building that has hopes to redevelop in the near future.  The strip is one of my favorite places in the city.  Besides the architecture and great streetscapes, the people are what make the strip special.

I set out to experiment with new ipad brushes and techniques.  This week I stuck with the standard "soft wet brush."  I try to stick with the same brush throughout the whole piece in an attempt to learn it.  It is pretty amazing how the app blends the colors as if the paint were still wet.  In my little experience of oil painting, I can draw some similarities with actual paint and what the program is trying to replicate.  It was a nice break from last drawing that was quite detailed.

I hope you enjoy the painting, don't forget to watch the video!