JJ Zanetta’s passion of art and architecture attracted him to the profession of architectural illustration. A student of his craft, he is continually inspired by the master’s of architectural illustration as well as the new possibilities that technology brings.  Along with his dedication to his craft, he has an understanding and practical knowledge of architectural and urban design principles evident at the foundation of his renderings.

Beyond the technical aspects of a drawing, it is JJ’s goal to help his clients reach their audience on an emotional level. The composition of the renderings are focused on breathing life into the design. He aims to collaborate with the design team to gain an understanding of the vision and character of the place and also help imagine what kind of life that environment will foster within it. Whether remotely or on charrette, his ability to quickly conceptualize and visually communicate plays an integral role on the design team.

He has had the good fortune to work with excellent clients on projects that present unique challenges and opportunities. Along with these clients, he has also been surrounded by many talented, passionate friends and colleagues who have enriched his learning. His project experience is wide-ranging-- of all scales, character and project types. For over 10 years he has served his clients, who consist of architects, urban designers, landscape architects, developers, and municipalities, with reliability and professionalism.

Zanetta Illustration works with a small group of sub contractors to help with certain aspects of production to ensure that our clients’ needs are met on schedule and to the same quality as can be expected from our studio.